Preference is an optional plugin and allows to offer options preferentially in relation to the rules informed by the client.



The preference plugin Gives preference to the options that match the preference rules By doing this, the options will be returned in a preferential way.

Sequentially, the rules will be evaluated until a match is found, upon finding it, the process will be stopped and the preference will be evaluated. In the same way, if the rule is not found, the option will be validated.

The matching process uses client Tokens filed, which identify the provided by the client and it is used to filter which business rules can be applied in the request sent.

Files needed in order to use this plugin

Execution example

    "step": "RESPONSE",
    "pluginsType": [{
        "name": "preference",
        "type": "POST_STEP",
        "parameters": [{
            "key": "primaryKey",
            "value": "hotel,currency"
        }, {
            "key": "optionsPerKey",
            "value": "4"

Possible values in “key”:“primaryKey” are supplier, hotel, market, board, payment, room, promotion, supplement, surcharges, rateRules or/and cancelPolicy

Example of use

Percentage = 1, Supplier A: 126 €, Supplier B: 125 €

126 - 126 * 0.01 = 124,74 <= 125 €, then the selected one is supplier A

Percentage = 1, Supplier A: 128 €, Supplier B: 125 €

128 - 128 * 0.01 = 126.72> 125 €, then the selected one is supplier B