Aggregation plugin extends HotelX allowing the aggregation of Supplier options using different business rules.

What it does

Aggregation plugin aggregate Supplier options based on field keys applying a selector function over field values.

It’s based on SQL Aggregate Functions.

  • Field Keys as a combination of:
    • binding
    • board
    • cancelPolicy
    • currency
    • hotel
    • market
    • payment
    • promotion
    • rateRules 
    • refundable
    • room
    • supplement
    • supplier
    • surcharges
    • ratePlan
    • status

How to use it

Use this plugin by adding it to the settings in your HotelX Search Query.


key value type condition description
primaryKey string mandatory It is the criteria used to aggregate, the value is a set of criteria separated by commas, the possible values are:
example: “hotel,supplier,room,status”


The aggregation mode only supports by now one mode: “cheapest_price”. You will need to set this in the “name” field when using the plugin as shown in the example below.

Execution example

    "plugins": {
        "step": "RESPONSE",
        "pluginsType": [
                "type": "AGGREGATION",
                "name": "cheapest_price",
                "parameters": [
                        "key": "primaryKey",
                        "value": "hotel,supplier,room"

File format

No files are needed in order to use this plugin.