Add Parameter

Add Parameter is an optional plugin that allows parameters to be added or modified at request level.

What it does

The add parameter plugin adds parameters in the configuration of the existing accesses. By doing this, you can add parameters dynamically in request time to the existing accesses (see Access configuration). This plugin can be used in all the booking services.

You can also replace the value of an existing parameter by adding into the query a parameter with the same key as the one to be replaced.

How to use it

Use this plugin by adding it to the settings in your HotelX Search Query.


key value type condition description
JSONConfiguration JSON mandatory JSON structure with parameters that you add by access or by supplier, or even for all accesses

Execution example

	  "step": "REQUEST_ACCESS",
	  "pluginsType": [
	       "name": "add_parameterX",
	       "type": "POST_STEP",
	       "parameters": [
		     "key": "JSONConfiguration",
		     "value": "{\"accesses\": [ {\"codes\": [\"1\",\"2\"],\"parameters\": [ {\"key\": \"A\", \"value\": \"1\"} ] } ],
		                \"suppliers\": [ {\"codes\": [\"XXX\"], \"parameters\": [ {\"key\": \"D\",\"value\": \"4\"}] } ],
				\"parameters\": [ {\"key\": \"C\", \"value\": \"valor\" } ] }"

File format

No files are needed in order to use this plugin.