The amendment operations allow you to amend different aspects of a booking.

There are currently four amendment operations available:

  • Amend Board: allows to amend the board of a booking.
  • Amend Dates: allows to amend the checkin and/or the checkout of a booking.
  • Amend Paxes: allows to amend the paxes of a booking.
  • Amend Remarks: allows to add a special request (remark) on a booking.

Each amendment type must be performend in two steps:

  • Query: simulates the amendment
  • Mutation: commits the amendment

    Both steps return the details of the amendment with the following information

    • The booking detail with the amendment applied
    • Amendment fees if applicable
    • AmendmentID (only returned in the query response)

Advanced criteria

You can perform the query (simulation) of the amendment:

  • sending all the booking information (references, dates, hotel code)
  • or sending the bookingID got in the booking flow

You can perform the mutation (commit) of the amendment sending the amendmentID received in the previous response.

How to amend

Please, see the Schema through our API playground for your reference.