Useful information

HotelX Settings

In HotelX there are different configuration level settings for a request. With these settings, you can configure some aspect of the request:

Field Description
context It indicates the context codes that you want to send and to receive.
Timeout It sets the requested timeout in the different query and mutation types:* search * quote * book (includes cancel and booking) 
Language The language you want to use in the request.
Currency It indicates the currency you are going to send to the supplier or suppliers.
Nationality It indicates the nationality you are going to send to the supplier or suppliers.
Market It indicates the market you are going to send to the supplier or suppliers.
Business Rules These rules are sent directly via the integration, and they affect the supplier’s response.
* Options Quota: number of options returned via the integration.
* Type: Choose priority of product

As we have previously stated, we have three ways to indicate these settings.

We are going to start with the most specific until the most general.

Settings per request

These settings overwrite all others.

You must have permission to overwrite settings, if you don’t have this permission you won’t be able to change the configuration on runtime, that is, to each request.

These fields are the same in the three levels, only that the information is overwritten in lower levels. So, the request settings overwrite all other settings.

Settings per client

The settings in this level are used when you don’t overwrite settings to the request level.

However, if you have the same client in different groups, you can set different settings to each one. In this case, you should specify which group you want to use in the request, in order to choose which configuration to use.

Settings per HotelX

And the last one, settings per HotelX instance. These settings are in the highest level, in the case that you don’t have the client’s settings and you don’t specify them in the request, settings are obtained from HotelX instance, this setting is mandatory.