Certification process - Apply for certification

Our Certification Process should be completed once you have finished the development.

Once Certification Process logs have been delivered through our Customer Care service desk, we will review it and advise you once the integration is certified.

  • Within your WelcomePack email you should have received a user to access our customer care portal.
  • Click on Certification Process option and upload or drag and drop your logs.
  • You will be issued a WECARE ticket number. Any time you wish to comment on the issue or check on the status of your certification, all you need to do is log into Jira and open your WECARE ticket number. Once you pass the certification process, you are technically ready to start buying through our Hub.

Send us the following information in order to proceed with the certification process:

  • CURL request and response of all the XTG methods used on your side to make an availability, valuation, reservation, cancellation, booking detail request of each case and an example of booking list. Additionally, attach the resulting XTG response interpretation screenshots of your system so we can insure you are showing the information correctly.