Certification process - Goals

The Certification process intention is to test and ensure that your integration is performed correctly, this means, that functionality and implementation of the relevant and mandatory information are done correctly and without errors. All of this is focused to avoid issues with the final consumer, or he/she being misled by any incorrect information or not desirable API uses. Before starting the certification process, make sure you have followed the Welcome Pack instructions. This will speed up the process and avoid problems afterwards.

Having said that, our certification process will look at 5 different operations:

What we check during certification

We will be checking the below data:

  • Usage of general data structure of our API
  • Usage of the correct booking flow: search, quote, book.
  • The arrival and departure dates.
  • The correct handling of the prices (net price, gross price, commission, etc.).
  • Possible cancellation policies applied to that booking (if you use it).
  • The information of the room selected (id, code, description, etc.).
  • The meal plan selected.
  • Provide supplier’s remarks on the entire booking flow.