Logging changelog

Easily accessible log of notable changes to Logging


  • Now quotes requested by Speed have the same sessionID that quotes requested by the client in order to identify them.
  • Now reference filters are arrays in order to be able to request multiple references at once.


  • Added the field hotel in the input object reference from which bookings can be searched by the hotel’s reference.


  • Added new input object timeRange that improves the time filters providing both a relative time filter and an absolute time filter.


  • Added a hard limit when an API’s response lasts more than 60 seconds. When application hard limit is surpassed, microservice will response with a graceful response (http_status code = 403).


  • Added a new input object reference with two fields client and supplier from which bookings can be searched.


  • Added a new field statusType in LoggingLegacyData to retrieve the final status of the transacction.
  • Added a new input field first in LoggingLegacyFilterInput to be able to change the size of the response. By default up to 100 results will be returned.


  • Fix an error that was causing to download files with empty content. Issue-49


  • Start-up of the Logging service in production